Design and planning

The design

  • We may work from a ready design provided by the customer. In this case, we require a vector-based pattern made by an external graphic designer, which can then be directly applied by us. For club orders we define a one-time graphic arrangement fee for the positioning of the design to scale.
    Under such circumstances, we are only liable for the work done with the received design; the external graphic designer assigned by the customer takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the design.
  • We can also create the design based on the layout of the customer. The final pattern is the result of several personal meetings, which the customer will receive via email for approval.
  • When the customer assigns us to prepare the design, then the final design, shaped through continuous consultations, will receive a full plan suitable for the manufacturing process incorporating the complete selection of winter and summer clothing, including the layout plans to aid visualization.

Basic requirements for the planning:

  • The logos to appear on the plan are required in a vector-based format for printing. Their extensions can be: .cdr ; .eps ; .pdf
  • The texts to appear on the plan are required either in a vector-based format, or together with the fonts used for printing, which can be attached to the order email.
  • The customer has to provide the exact CMYK or PANTONE code to define the individual colours. A sample printed on the textile chosen with the defined colours can be requested so as to enable the ordered product to reflect the customer’s ideas as much as possible. We can send you the sample through post or DPD. In this case the customer has to pay the shipping cost.
  • The designs prepared by external graphic designers are required to run the graphics out to the edge of the given patterns.
  • The requested clothing patterns will be available to the customer in a vector-based format.
  • The graphic effects and distortions used in a design may not all be applied well in textile printing, thus, we recommend previous consultation.
  • We can inform you and send you the price list of the costs of planning via email.