About us

We set up our company with the intent of supplying clothing for the ever-growing cycling subculture in Hungary, and in EUROPE as well.

Any cyclist – whether an everyday user, or a professional – will find his/her reckonings, as we both handle and use the materials and patterns available very flexibly to be able to create the clothing fit for various requirements and forms of usage.
Our clothing represents the required quality professionals are accustomed to. Our goal is to meet the highest standards, as well as to produce internationally competitive products.
GESU was brought to life by Gergely Kiss and Zsuzsanna Köllő, their cooperation, ideas and persistent work. One of the most important phases of the production of the clothes is their visual display, the rendering of graphic ideas into reality. Both of us graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts/ Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem, and the experience gained there generally enables us to solve all kinds of visual problems. For the choice of the appropriate materials and types, we rely on the knowledge of Gergely, which he acquired during years spent in the field of sports. The clothing is not only tested by active professionals, but also ourselves, both during everyday use and in competitions, which help to constantly perfect items. We search for new features and visit professional fairs to always stay up-to-date and follow the current trends and needs.