How to order


The communication about the orders is happening on a special web based surface. The purpose of this that you as a costumer and we as the manifacturer always see the happanenings during an order on one single surface. For starting an order please register here:


Firstly, you must chose the types of clothing required and define their materials, as well as any extras if needed (such as, small zippered telephone pockets, reflective elements, meshed ventilation panels in the garments, etc.). Basic information and help with usage for individual materials, insertions, and extras can be found under the Basic materials menu. We can help the customer by suggesting the right type of clothing that is most appropriate for the requested type of use.

Garment sizing

The clothing sizes follow the Italian manufacturers’ numbering categories; thus, it starts from a very small size and gradually grows with small jumps. The right size can be determined according to our given categories.

Approval of design

When both the type of clothing and its size have been ultimately determined, the next step is to approve the design to be printed. You can read about details of how this goes in the next menu.

Prepayment and total amount

We work with prepayment. To enable the start of manufacture, you need to transfer the amount of the ordered clothing. The prices of the items depend primarily on the number of items, as well as on the basic materials and chosen extras.


The deadline for manufacture is determined during the ordering process; usually we define 20 working days for the manufacture of a maximum of 20 sets of garments. This can even extend to up to 8 weeks during the spring season, depending on the number of running orders. The period of manufacture starts from the final approval of the sizes and designs.